Choosing The Best Digital Photo Printer

Digital printers are a staple in the market for photographers and graphic design artists. A fantastic digital camera can be rendered useless if its photos are printed using a low quality printer. Good digital photo printers are a necessity for those who take high-resolution photos or create graphic designs. Vivid colours and extreme details are a must for these artists. Therefore, one must be wary in choosing the best digital photo printers amongst the thousands available products in the market today. With hundreds of products to choose from and little knowledge about each one, it is a highly problematic task to choose among digital photo printers to find out which one best suits your lifestyle. This is why steps should be taken to arrive at the best possible one.

First in our list of steps is choosing between the two types of printers. The first type of digital photo printers utilizes heat to produce a vast array of colours on glossy paper. This type of printer is called the dye sublimation printer. Dye sublimation printers create glossy prints with extremely vivid colours, typically perfect for natural landscape scenes or multi-coloured prints. The second type of printer is called the ink jet variety. This type of digital photo printers makes use of inks stored in ink cartridges that ‘paint’ your image onto paper. The ink jet produces high quality photos as well and is extremely flexible. They can also be used with any type of paper. The type of printer you choose entirely depends on you. Choose digital photo printers that you believe are easier to work with; particularly ones that best suit your lifestyle.

Next in our list of steps would be looking at portability and transport. Does your lifestyle include travelling to various places in short periods of time? Do you need digital photo printers that will not render you encumbered should you decide to carry it with you? Lots of photographers include portability in their list of top priorities. If you are one of these people, choose a printer that will be easier to pack up and carry with you. A cumbersome printer is a hassle for travel fanatics.

Third on our list of priorities would be your camera. Digital photo printers that aren’t compatible or do not complement your camera are not good printers for you. What you need is a printer that suits your camera in terms of connectivity and resolution. Some printers use a camera’s memory card to print. Others have a USB connection that links your camera to the printer, which is commonly referred to as PictBridge, for a hassle free printing process. On the other hand, some printers are connected to your computer so you could edit your photos first before you print them. Whatever the mode of connection is, choose which option is the best for you. Does your camera work with a memory card? Does it come with a USB port to enable PictBridge? Are you PhotoShop literate and cannot stand the printing of unedited photos? Choose digital photo printers that suit you.

Last in our list of steps is looking at affordability. Printing becomes an issue when price becomes a barrier for you to print. Some printers require expensive inks to be used. For example, a dye sublimation printer requires expensive glossy paper as well as expensive ink cartridges. An ink jet printer is usually more affordable since they require less expensive ink cartridges. Choose digital photo printers with compatible paper and ink cartridges that you can afford.

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